It could be said that the development of our brand concept was more fortuitous than carefully thought out – a series of coincidences some might say. We’ll claim it nonetheless. Here’s some insight into our use of the asterisk*.

The Clever Dudes Logo

Clever* – The Asterisk indicates extra information or further explantation (often found in the footnotes in a book). In our case – the definition of clever:

Clever adjective

clev•er  |  /ˈklɛvə/

quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent.

As we know, in mathematics the asterisk indicates multiplication and in Algebra our icon…

The Clever Dudes Icon

Algebra: C* – subjects of research in functional analysis

This generally summarises what we do. We learn more about your business and industry by analysing existing functional elements. We then explore and devise ideas as to how we can create a digital ecosystem that adds functionality through automation.