About Us

How It Started

The beginnings were simple. Nic started out as freelancer.

“Having always worked for small companies, naturally I was roped into all kinds of jobs. From sweeping warehouse floors, managing inventory to advertising sales, product development to market research, teaching water sports and eventually digital marketing.

My understanding of what makes a business tick, how each part effects the whole, and simply what works and what doesn’t, is diverse and based on a variety of industries.

As a borderline millennial by some definitions, I blogged, built my own websites, dabbled superficially in graphic design and did some technical research writing. Some time at university getting a piece of paper that claims I know something about marketing also played a role.

After some time considering that perhaps my future lay in digital marketing I got frustrated at how independent everything was. Reports from one place, interlaced with reports from elsewhere, trying to make sense of non-identical data and having to prepare something concrete to present to the powers that paid me – I decided to take a step back. To find a way to make it all work together rather than independently.”

After 10 months, demand grew. A one-man show would no longer cut it. And so, with his supply chain management and on hands retail experience, Fabian stepped up to the plate.

Our Philosophy

Time, the finite resource, whether defined as a second, a moment, a decade or a lifetime, there is only so much time in which to see, do, believe, achieve, love. And then there’s change, the only constant, existing within time and with the power to transform anything in any moment.

We’re given a certain amount of time in which to change the world. The true success of any business should be defined as its ability to change lives – yours and your customers’.

The fact that change exists within time, the constant within the finite, may well be considered a universal paradox, but only within the confines of a lifetime however it may be defined.

Time is precious and so I have identified the necessity to speed things up. Allowing people to focus on people. More time to care and less time to stress, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.

The Future

Imagine every single facet of your business is online, integrated and streamlined, and most importantly its safe? Efficient, clean and sensible? Eliminating the stress of spreadsheets and multitudes of stuff in places that can only be referred to as the archive in the abyss. How long did it take you to find that document you prepared last week in a rush because you were late for that meeting with your client of twenty years?

Let us look back on those days and chuckle to ourselves, why didn’t we do this sooner?