Why Us?

We are the only TradeGecko Preferred Partners in South Africa. We specialise in the relationship between inventory management, e-commerce and digital marketing. Whether it's manufacturing, wholesale or retail, while you're doing your admin, you're missing opportunities.


eCommerce migration services, store development, POS setup, integrations and automations for fast, efficient order processing.


Integrate your inventory management system with your 3PL and logistics partner for on-time delivery and accurate tracking.


Affordable support and group chats via WhatsApp & online project management tools keeps development efficient.

Inventory & Order Management

TradeGecko & Katana are at the forefront of SME manufacturing & inventory management. As the central hub of your business, manage all purchases, sales, invoicing and logistics all in the same place.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer data is one of your greatest assets. Setup automations, rules and notifications based on specific customer engagement. Leverage data to improve marketing ROI.

Business-to-Business Wholesale

Customer specific price lists, limiting product availability and applying unique discounts and tax rules can be easier than you think.

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What our clients say

Will Boex

Flexi-Hex | Founder

It was great working with Nic, he helped us transfer our CRM and inventory to a new software system. This is never easy for any company but Nic was able to accommodate our needs and offer a smooth transition.

Ali Datoo

Account Executive | TradeGecko

Nic’s expertise on the TradeGecko system and developing the perfect technical workflow for his clients is why Nic is consistently sought after. What I appreciate about Nic the most is his ability to empathetically listen to his clients needs and warmly present the right solutions, that – combined with his deep expertise makes Nic the perfect partner.

Brian MacArthur

trisouq.com | Managing Director

Nic is very resourceful. He was able to understand our business needs and was able to navigate the complicated world of integration to automate many of our processes. Solid work.

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