Unleashed Software is the world’s easiest inventory management solution for your business

A powerful, cloud-based inventory management solution that gives your business real-time visibility of accurate inventory information.


Easy-to-use inventory management at the heart of  your business.

Take control of inventory health and scale your business with confidence. With precise tracking data on their inventory, businesses can cut costs and increase profits.

Unleashed Software is tightly integrated with a range of eCommerce, point of sales and accounting software to provide advanced and powerful reporting for a holistic end-to-end business solution.

We love helping businesses grow, whether they are small sole traders or international enterprises. Our inventory management solution has the flexibility and scalability to suit many types of businesses.

Some of the key benefits you get with Unleashed

Real-time inventory control and reporting

Take advantage of accurate, real-time stock visibility. Maximise your control and make data-driven decisionsbased on accurate reports.

Track and trace products

Monitor your products through all stages of production with ease. Maintain visibility of perishables with ourBatch Number Tracking and Serial Number Tracking features.

Flexible order management

Quickly and easily create and manage orders so that you’ll always have stock on hand with our flexiblesoftware.

Go global

The world is your oyster with our multi-currency feature. Maximise control and maintain accuracy over yourglobal supply chain.

Dedicated support

It’s all about education! Whether you are increasing your knowledge or getting started with Unleashed, ourreadily available resources are here to help.

Seamless integration

Experience more efficient business processes when you integrate your business applications andUnleashed.

Is Unleashed for you?

Unleashed has the flexibility and scalability to suit many types of businesses, whether they’re small craft breweries or large manufacturing companies that export internationally.

Every business is unique and uses Unleashed in different ways – we’re always amazed at the creativity and diversity of our customers.

Customer Stories

Food manufacturer La Tortilleria tracks inventory with Unleashed

Before Unleashed, managing the inventory at La Tortilleria was an ad hoc business. They used multiplespreadsheets to keep an eye on their inventory but found it difficult to capture information aboutproduction or customers. Automating business operations at La Tortilleria, from inventory management tomanufacturing, has significantly decreased the stress involved in running a business.

Unleashed vital to Karma Cola’s growth

Karma Cola uses Unleashed Software as their inventory management system. Unleashed is their one-stopshopfor production, sales, and inventory management. With all the relevant metrics on a single dashboard,users can access their inventory wherever they go and see how the business metrics are progressing.Karma Cola has big ambitions and Unleashed provides visibility and confidence for them to grow andsucceed.

The Pillow Collection embraces efficient cloud-based inventory management with Unleashed

The Pillow Collection boasts luxurious designer throw pillows, exclusively sold on their online store. Despite having these gorgeous throw pillows, they were managing their manufacturing and inventory control process through various fragmented software. Unleashed complemented their business processes for a comprehensive business solution.

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