Nic Muhl

Nic always worked for small companies, naturally he was roped into all kinds of jobs. From sweeping warehouse floors, managing inventory to advertising sales, product development to market research, teaching water sports and eventually digital marketing.

Nic's understanding of what makes a business tick, how each part effects the whole, and simply what works and what doesn’t, is diverse and based on a variety of industries. As a borderline millennial by some definitions, he blogged, built his own websites, dabbled superficially in graphic design and did some technical research writing. Some time at university getting a piece of paper that claims he knows something about marketing also played a role.

After some time considering that perhaps his future lay in digital marketing he got frustrated at how independent everything was. Reports from one place, interlaced with reports from elsewhere, trying to make sense of non-identical data and having to prepare something concrete to present to the powers that paid him – Nic decided to take a step back. To find a way to make it all work together rather than independently.

And so the seeds of The Clever* Dudes were sown.

When Nic is not in the office he loves spending time outdoors with his loyal four-legged companion Murphy or surfing, doing yoga, 4x4-ing, cycling, running or hiking in the mountains.

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Fabian Coetzer

Fabian comes with a variety and wealth of experience ranging from retail sales, direct sales & marketing and business consulting focussed on supply chain management. 

His passion and enthusiasm to continuously develop new skills sets led him down the digital path and ultimately partnering Nic.

Fabian has steady business administration experience including marketing, ethics, accounting, organizational behavior, quantitative analysis, finance, operations, economics and strategy.

As a results driven, hardworking and capable individual with a track record of achieving clients goals and objectives, thus ensuring that the client achieves sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.

When Fabian is not in the office he loves spending time outdoors with his wife, Leeza and "fur kids" Lizzie & Charlie or surfing, doing yoga, strangling his friends or getting strangled at Jiu-Jitsu, running or generally being outdoors.

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Sean Lourens

Sean has over 7 years of sales experience, and he has a proven track record in the sports & recreation industry.

As a dedicated team player, he is known for going the extra mile to assist others. Challenges motivate him, and he is committed to delivering high-quality work with meticulous attention to detail in every task.

Currently, Sean is one of our eCommerce Implementation Specialists.
His responsibilities include evaluating and refining client data, establishing new accounts, and seamlessly transferring data to our proposed cloud-based software.
Skilled in Shopify, Unleashed, and Cin 7 Core, he is a valuable part of the team.

Beyond work, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast. You can often find him trail running in the mountains, embarking on adventurous hikes tagging peaks, sleeping under the stars, or cycling on the scenic coastal roads or picturesque Wineland landscapes of his hometown.

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Stefan de Wet

Stefan has a wealth of demonstrated experience within the sports and recreation industry, including 6 years of direct sales experience.

Stefan is skilled in Shopify, partner inventory management systems, particularly TradeGecko / QuickBooks Commerce, Orderhive and Unleashed. Other skills include small business financial management, online sales management, workflow management, CRM, web development and digital marketing.

When Stefan is not in the office he loves spending time outdoors either cycling, running or hiking in the mountains.

Stefan is passionate about customer service and generating new and loyal customers for any business. Service delivery and customer satisfaction are his two main driving forces. Stefan is an open and friendly individual ready to add value to any endeavour he undertakes.

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Julian Power

Meet Julian, the playful print industry guru turned ERP & MRP mastermind.

With years of experience designing and printing barcode labels for electronics manufacturers, Julian quickly progressed to servicing and selling barcode printers to anyone and everyone in need of onsite printing.

As an integrator of print & apply equipment linked to ERP systems like SAP, Julian helped businesses store and update inventory and batch traceability. But, his curious mind led him to take on the world of ERP & MRP systems, where he has spent the last 7 years completing projects in explosives, medical, food, and engineering concerns. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Julian is constantly exploring new ways to improve business operations and streamline processes.

Outside of work, Julian is a competitive sailor who has represented South Africa in 3 world championships and won numerous national/provincial championships. When he's not out on the water, he enjoys spending time in Johannesburg with his wife, son, three dogs, and bird.

With his playful personality and attention to detail, Julian is sure to make any project a success!